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Springstar GWT1 Glass Wasp Trap Review

Springstar Glass Wasp Trap

Back when I was living on the east coast, I frequently visited my uncle in New Jersey. He has one of those classic looking American homes that has a backyard which opened up into the woods. We used to see deer come right up to the yard in the early mornings, though having black bears rummage through the trash was a more common occurrence.

I loved seeing these land mammals. It made me feel like I was somewhere isolated and far away from the noise and fast paced lifestyle of Manhattan. What I never liked seeing, on the other hand, were the wasps and the bees. The problem would usually be most noticeable at the end of spring or beginning of summer, which is around the time I liked heading to my uncle's house for a quick escape from the city.

Being a big DIY guy, my uncle created lots of wasp traps with old soda bottles. Though they worked well, my aunt and I agreed that it made the garden and the perimeter of the home look yucky, ruining the ambiance. So she and I went to some gardening stores and shopped around for better alternatives. That's when we found the Springstar GWT1 Glass Wasp Trap.

The Springstar wasp trap works pretty much the same way the soda bottle traps do, but it's much prettier to look at! Hanging a few of traps around the house made it look like my uncle had decorative garden lanterns, a great improvement from the soda bottles! One winter, my aunt stuck candles in them, holding the candle steady from the bottom, and used them as lanterns, but the candlelight wasn't bright enough to really illuminate the area. Still, it's good to know they have other uses too!

All the times I've seen these glass wasp traps, I've seen dead wasps, some bees, mosquitoes, some other bugs, and the occasional hornet. As far as I know, my uncle still uses them because they work! He uses a simple honey and water solution, or sometimes he uses sugar water, soda, or juice, and replaces this every few days or so. This has been very effective bait for him so far.

The first one we bought was well made, and still looks the same as it did the day we bought it. The succeeding purchases made by my aunt had a bit of a paint problem. The paint either washed off or chipped off. One consumer suggested putting a coat of clear paint, or that maybe clear nail polish can help preserve the colors. If you run the numbers in your head, you'll see that buying a lot of nail polish can be expensive. My aunt prefers mixing some glass paint and some paint thinner and redoing the traps in different colors.

I've read some reviews that this product failed to work for some people. Because I've seen firsthand that it works, I have several theories as to why it has failed them. First, they may not be making the bait sweet enough. Second, they may have set up the trap too close to a wasp nest. Wasps are dedicated to their work, and if they're going to and from the nest, they're quite determined. Once they do check it out, though, and one of them gets caught, the dead wasp emits pheromones that warn the others to stay away, which then makes the trap useless and which is why you have to change the bait every few days.

Third, and finally, the trap may be failing because it was put up too late in the season. People usually put up wasp traps when they see that they have a wasp problem, and this is often too late because there are simply too many. The best way to get rid of wasps is to anticipate the problem and put up traps at the first sign of a wasp.

Personally, the only real downside to this product is cleaning it out. You get your hands sticky in the process. But I'd rather have sticky hands, which are perfectly washable and easy to get un-sticky, than have a wasp problem. So really, it isn't the end of the world.

Given my uncle's years of experience with this trap, I'd say the Springstar GWT1 Glass Wasp Trap is well worth the money you pay for it. Not only is it an effective trap that is 100% eco-friendly, but it's really stylish too. Not to mention, a great way to get rid of soda that's gone flat!

Check out the Springstar Trap for yourself!

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