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Five Best Wasp Spray Products

One effective way to get rid of wasps is to use a wasp spray on the wasps and on their nest. The best time to spray the nest is in the early morning or in the evening when the wasps are dormant. When you do spray the nest, you have to make sure that you saturate it completely and leave no dry space which any surviving wasps can use to escape.

Here are the best products to consider:

1. Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer

This is the number one spray available on the market. It guarantees that it will kill wasps as well as destroy the nest. After soaking the nest with the spray, the instructions recommend waiting 24 hours before removing the nest. It also gives the person a chance to assess the nest. Almost all users give it five stars in terms of effectiveness. However, many users raise concerns over the toxic ingredients of the product.

2. Ortho Hornet & Wasp Killer

Many argue that the Ortho spray is just as good as Raid's version, but consumers didn't rate it as high. Perhaps because some have reported that they needed 2 cans of Ortho spray to get the job done, and that the spray didn't project as far as the label states (20 feet.) Like Raid's spray, however, consumers raised concerns over the toxic ingredients in the product, and advise fellow consumers to keep pets away when the product is in use.

3. Spectracide Wasp/Hornet Spray

Rating very well among consumers, Spectracide is said to be very hand, and with a good strong spray that can reach hard to get areas or relatively trickily designed nests. The spray has the ability to kill wasps instantly It's also know to be inexpensive or less expensive than its counterparts. However, consumers raised issues about it being harmful towards plants.

4. Digrain Insectaclear

The Digrain formula actually kills all insects, not just wasps. Though it is very effective at getting rid of the wasp problem, you also risk killing other insects, such as bees and butterflies. If the nest is relatively isolated, then this product is just as good as the rest, being able to knock down wasps and insects quickly.

5. Homemade Wasp Spray

For consumers that are truly concerned about the side effects of commercial or chemical wasp sprays, the option to create their own spray is quite popular. It can also be cheaper than buying commercial sprays since the materials needed are already found in most homes. However, many homemade sprays are not as effective as their commercial counterparts.

The best wasp spray is the type that will kill both wasps and their nests. Some sprays are good for killing wasps only. However, if you can't get rid of the source, which is the nest, your problem will continue. Not to mention the fact that you just may anger the rest of the wasps by killing their buddies. So make sure you get a spray that can be sprayed onto the nest.

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